Andrey Sanko|Minimalist White Apartment, So Fairy!

Andrey Sanko|Minimalist White Apartment, So Fairy!

Minimalist Apartment | Andrey Sanko
This minimalist house was designed by Andrey Sanko himself, showing the unique charm of the minimalist style under modernism without too much pretension. Designers integrate natural elements into the design process, exquisite details enhance the quality of space, to provide users with this warm living space.
The sitting room chooses low saturation match color to make a mass-tone tone. The agile line is tie-in go up delicate furniture, the French window with one side big promise brought illuminant to the whole sitting room, let dweller spirit is refreshed.
The dining room table design is exquisite, the center island and the theme color is light gray, which gives us a low-key feeling while emphasizing the high quality of life but also ensuring the practicality of the space.

The rooms are also simple in design, with light grey floors giving an air of luxury and refined modernity. In the dynamic segmentation, the original structure has been abolished and a unified whole has been formed.

Space of the transparent glass of ink color is used in toilet, the glass of founder sends out warm color lamplight, there is no redundant color in the bathroom, all show the quality of life.

About.Andrey Sanko

Andrey Sanko is an interior designer from Minks, Belarus. The designer likes to blend modern aesthetics with minimalism and find a balance between them that is in line with the public aesthetic.

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