Ideal Life, Like Flowers in the Wild

Ideal Life, Like Flowers in the Wild

Lin Yutang wrote in "The Problem of Happiness in Life": "The enjoyment of life includes many things: our own enjoyment, the enjoyment of family life, the enjoyment of trees, flowers, clouds, crooked rivers, waterfalls and all kinds of nature. There is the enjoyment of poetry, art, contemplation, friendship, conversation, reading, which are all manifestations of spiritual communion.”

Create a beautiful space that can carry emotions. In this set of works, the indoor space is created with an atmosphere surrounded by outdoor vegetation, and the soft furnishings are implanted with abstract or figurative animal-shaped ornaments, not only for the enjoyment of nature, but also for the whole family. Open dining room, open kitchen, sports climbing wall, etc. to communicate emotions. Meet the diverse needs of users in this era and guide a better life with higher needs.

Turn your home into a playground

Dad takes his son to play basketball in the multi-functional room, and mother uses sports equipment to exercise on the balcony. The family is in a large space, and they are swaying their blood and vitality together. We connect the ties of family communication and communication, let the warmth flow and let life shine.

Make your home a pleasure nest

In his spare time, Dad always accompanies his three-year-old son to do parent-child activities and enjoys the simplest warmth time. Mom always invites friends to party at home and experience the simplest joy of being with friends. We take this as a starting point to create a quality life circle and build a happy and beautiful home.

Turn your home into a creative factory

The family's hands-on DIY food, and the family's walking trip when the family rises will become the material for mothers to shoot vlogs. Use details to highlight competitiveness, create a warm living circle, and meet all the owners' imaginations about community life.

Make your home a safe haven

Here, a family can place their life interest, soul and dreams, and get the happiest time. We are guided by customer needs and integrate different levels of needs into personalized scenes to make happiness within reach.

A vibrant residence may be fresh and interesting, and at the same time, it should enable people to find a little greenness and freshness outside the daily city life.

Therefore, at the beginning of creating each space, the starting point is to integrate the beautiful feeling of life into this living space, listen to the user's feelings to improve it, and let the wonderful meaning of green be hidden in different details in the space. And these details are waiting for you to discover slowly.

Those beautiful imaginations about community life will be realized one by one here. We are the practitioners and witnesses of happiness. It is also the place to carry all the good happiness.



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