The 10 major events in the recovery of the art market are most worthy of attention

The 10 major events in the recovery of the art market are most worthy of attention

last weekend,

Frieze Los Angles

Back offline two years after the outbreak,

During the same period, many top galleries

successively announced the establishment of a new space in Los Angeles,

How does the "City of Angels" drive a new contemporary art vane?

Art exhibitions around the world are updated one after another,

"Father of Impressionism" Pissarro exhibition, Bacon's last paintings unveiled,

A rare collection of 16 self-portraits by Vincent van Gogh...

In late February, the global art circle gradually recovered.

A piece of art chasing hot spots with you.

01 Frieze Art Fair in Los Angeles returns to offline,

  The next global center for contemporary art?

From February 17th to 20th, the 3rd Frieze Los Angeles Art Fair will be held at the new venue opposite the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. The total number of participating galleries has increased from more than 70 in 2020. To more than 100 this year, this is also the return of the Frieze Los Angeles exhibition to offline after the interruption due to the epidemic.

Frieze Los Angeles art fair

Photo Credit: Frieze Los Angeles

For this precious opportunity to reunite offline, gallerists have also made adequate preparations. Many booths brought blockbuster solo and group exhibitions of artists. Many important works were exhibited in the United States for the first time, and new forms of exhibitions were also presented. Impressive. Gagosian Gallery presents artist Chris Burden’s Dreamer’s Folly (2010), the only work in the booth and the first time it has been shown in the United States. In the end, "The Folly of the Dreamer" was acquired by an institution in Europe for an undisclosed price.

Hauser & Wirth booth at Frieze Los Angeles 2022

Image: Hauser & Wirth

Camille Henrot Dos and Don'ts - True Politeness 2021 © Camille Henrot

Image: The artist, Hauser & Wirth

A solo exhibition by French artist Camille Henrot, including a new series of watercolors, drawings and multimedia collages, is brought to the show by Hauser & Wirth, the artist's first in Los Angeles Solo exhibition exposure. According to the feedback from the scene, the female artist, who just started working with the gallery last fall, is very popular, and all 23 new works have been successfully sold.

Lisson Gallery booth at Frieze LA 2022

Image Courtesy: Lisson Gallery

The creations of Los Angeles native artists are also valued. One of the representatives of American West Coast minimalism - Channa Horwitz, presented by Lisson Gallery. Horvitz lived and worked in Los Angeles for more than 80 years.

Zwirner Gallery booth at Frieze Los Angeles 2022

Image credit: Zwirner Gallery

Since the 1980s, the development of contemporary art in Los Angeles has been vigorous. From 1994 to 1995, Pace and Gagosian Gallery successively settled in Los Angeles. In 2015, Hauser & Wirth opened a space in Los Angeles, and in 2021 announced that it will double its operations in Los Angeles, opening a second space here. Before and after Frieze, a number of galleries have announced plans to open spaces in Los Angeles, such as Lisson Gallery, Zwirner Gallery, Sean Kelly Gallery, etc.

Pace's new space in Los Angeles

Image credit: Pace Gallery

Among them, Pace and Kayne Griffin, a well-known local gallery in Los Angeles, also jointly announced a new cooperation model. Griffin provides a space of 15,000 square feet as Pace Gallery on the west coast of the United States. The flagship gallery, Pace Gallery's Los Angeles space will officially open in April.

It is worth mentioning that this year is Christine Messino’s first art fair as Frieze director, she once mentioned, “I hope this edition of Frieze Los Angeles can inherit the artistic spirit of the city. , illuminating and connecting these works of art as an important part of the urban cultural landscape.”

The next global center of contemporary art may be in Los Angeles.

 02 Francis Bacon's masterpiece will be hammered on the evening of March 1

In March of this year, Christie's will launch its first blockbuster auction in 2022. This is not only the first auction after Christie's Shanghai restarted the auction, but also the first time that mainland China and overseas have jointly formed a joint auction. Among them, Francis Bacon's "Triptych 1986-7" (estimate £35-55 million) has attracted much attention. This work is Bacon's last masterpiece and the first to be auctioned.

Francis Bacon, Triptych 1986-7

The figures on the far left of the three pictures are the photos of US President Wilson leaving the Versailles Treaty negotiation scene in 1919. The middle and far right pictures respectively depict Edward and the Soviet-Russian statesman Trotsky. At the same time, this work is also the first public exhibition since it was collected by the Marlborough Gallery in New York in 1987.

"Triptych 1986-7" will be held at Christie's "20th and 21st Century Art Week: Shanghai-London Joint Auction Series" on the evening of March 1.

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